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Dear Parents & Guardians:

My name is Mr. Solis and I am the Band Director at Washington Elementary School & Lincoln Middle School. Throughout the week, students will be given information regarding joining band. In order to accommodate the current learning environment, we will be offering solely percussion this year. Once we are in person and it is safe to do so, students will be able to change instruments if they decide percussion is not for them. 

The band program at District 81 is designed to introduce students to quality band literature, and to all of the lessons and values being in band can impart. Band will help meet the emotional, social, and cultural needs of our students during these unprecedented times. Teamwork, enthusiasm, energy, responsible behavior, and careful listening are key to a successful band experience.

You can sign up for band using this Google Form:

Please fill out the Google Form first before renting/purchasing the instrument. 

  • Please be sure to sign up for band before September 7th in order to have an instrument for the first lesson (lessons start week of 9/21).

  • Lessons will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays during Specials time, and students will receive a rotating schedule so they don’t miss the same class every week.

  • Students will receive a half hour lesson once a week on either Wednesday or Friday

  • Instruments can be picked up along with student supplies at Washington Elementary on September 16th. 

There are different options for renting or purchasing the percussion and bell kit.

Quinlan & Fabish is our main supplier and they will cover any instrument cleaning or repair while renting the instrument. They also offer porch delivery services and curbside pickup as well.

  • Some details about this option are as follows:

    • It costs $72 to rent the instrument for a four month introductory period. After the introductory trial period is over, there are monthly payments of $39 a month until the instrument is paid off. The instrument then becomes yours since it is a rent to own process.

    • There is no obligation to rent or purchase the instrument through Quinlan & Fabish and there is no penalty for cancelling.

    • Here is a tutorial on how to sign up for band rental online through Q&F.

Students will need:

Goals for students include:

  1. To discover, appreciate, and value their talents, the talents of others, and the beauty of music

  2. To develop the desire to improve their musical performance as well as increase knowledge of music theory and improvisation

  3. To gain a sense of self-fulfillment by striving to reach their full potential

  4. To develop a life-long enjoyment and appreciation of music

I hope that you share these goals so that, together, we can provide the best possible experience for your child. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns you may have.

Here's to a great year! I'm looking forward to having your child in band this year!

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