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Band Calendar


Intro to Band (5th Grade)


Concert Band (6th Grade)


Symphonic Band (7th and 8th Grade)


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5th Grade (Beginning Band)

6th Grade (Concert Band)

7th Grade (Symphonic Band)

8th Grade (Symphonic Band)


Practopus is a fun app for students to document their practice time. Students can earn "clams" from each minute spent practice in order to purchase rewards in the app. Rewards will be distributed on supply pickup days TBD.


Students have the opportunity to earn items such as band merchandise, pencils, etc. 

Download Practopus from the App Portal or sign-up on a web browser and add yourself to your account when you sign-up. Please have a parent with you when they sign up. Parents will enter a PIN to verify your practice time.  

Basic Instrument Assembly and Care Tips – These videos will show you proper instrument assembly and includes some basic care tips.

Sound 101 – These videos will help you with correct embouchure and sound production. A MUST for all students to watch!

Wynton’s 12 Ways to Practice
These practice tips from well-known trumpeter Wynton Marsalis are applicable to ANYTHING you do–from band, to sports, to school…please read!

Good Tuning Notes
If you have your tuner handy, here’s a good guide to tuning. Remember:
“Cold instruments play flat, and the air coming out of your body is warmer than the air temperature of your band room.  Yes, when we “warm up,” we are literally “warming up” the instrument to a temperature higher than the surrounding air.  Therefore, you have to play for a few minutes in order for this to occur.”  --by Mr. Fred J. Allen Director of Bands SFA School of Music


Free Metronome Apps and links!

Instrument Care, Scales, and Fingering Charts

Music Dictionaries

Music Basics

Band/Sheet Music Resources

  • J.W. Pepper – this site has all kinds of different solo and ensemble music!

  • Print out your own Blank Sheet Music paper to write your own music!

  • SmartMusic - subscription based service which has different literature for students to practice concert pieces


  • Sight Reading Factory - subscription based service which improves music literacy for students

  • KJOS - Tradition of Excellence Red Book on iPad - in the back of the Tradition of Excellence book there is a code in order to view the book on the iPad. There are some interactive tracks as well.

  • Noteflight – free music composition software!

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